Guidelines: Legal connection requirements for City Power – Johannesburg


All grid-tied installations, irrespective of the size, have to follow the process outlined by City Power for the Johannesburg metropolitan.


PV system installation in Johannesburg
All City of Johannesburg customers planning for PV system installation should follow the permit application process prior to installation and commissioning of the PV system. It is mandatory for customers with PV systems already installed to follow the same process and register/regularize their installations with the system and connection requirements of City Power.
We advise that all our installers familiarise themselves with the permit application process and hope that the following few point can assist in ensuring responsible supply of world class tier 1 PV equipment.

Applicable standards and guidelines
The technical requirements for Small Scale Embedded Generation are covered in the following standards and guidelines. All installers preparing for an application should ensure compliance with the SSEG standards and guideline indicated below, amongst other recognized standards:

1. City of Johannesburg By Laws for Electrical Connections
2. SANS 10142
3. SANS 959
4. South African Renewable Power Plant Grid Code.
5. NRS 097-2-1 Grid interconnection Generation (Utility interface)
6. NRS 097-2-3 Grid connection of Embedded Generation (Simplified utility connection     criteria for low-voltage connected generators).
7. IEC 62116 Test procedure of islanding prevention measures for utility-interconnected     photovoltaic inverters.
8. IEC 62109-2 Safety of power converters for use in PV power systems –
Part 1: General requirements.
9. IEC 62053-22 Electricity Metering Equipment
10. IEC 60364 – 1 Low Voltage Electricity Installation

A site survey is very important as many installations are done at sites were pre-paid meters are currently installed. No system will be allowed to be connected to a pre-paid meter even if the system will have zero exporting.

The only meter that is currently re-programmable for bi-directional application is Itron. All other meters will need to be replaced. Provided all embedded generated power is legally connected by following the permit application, City Power welcomes grid feeding of all Renewable energy sources.

Acceptance of the plant
Once all commissioning tests have been completed and the installer has issued the relevant COC for the installation, it will be the responsibility of the Installer to notify City Power of the status and request an official commissioning date. City Power will provide a date for their Engineer to visit the site together with the registered PR engineer and the commissioning documents will be signed off simultaneously by both parties at the site.

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