ATESS HPS 30 Hybrid Inverter with external CT

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ATESS HPS 30 Hybrid Inverter with external CT

Part No: AT-HPS30-CT Storage Systems - Hybrid 3Phase Inverter

    The HPS inverter range is a ALL – in one Hybrid inverter for commercial applications and support up to 4 units in parallel and it would be the  perfect solution for every business out there. 

    An external CT can be connected to control export to non-essential loads

    Different working modes (for more info on the working modes, please consult the user manual): 

    • Peak-shaving
    • Time of use shifting
    • Back up
    • Off-grid

    Product Features:

    • 4 units can be paralleled giving a total AC output power of 120kW
    • The PV array can be oversized by up to 50% of the rated AC output of the inverter.
    • Transformer based inverter - Capable of handling inductive loads effectively making it suitable for industrial based applications.
    • Touchscreen LCD user interface.
    • Diesel generator integration through the use of the Atess ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).
    • All in one hybrid inverter.
    • Standard three-year warranty which can be extended up to seven years thus giving a maximum warranty period of 10 years.
    • Integrated export power limitation functionalities.

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