10kw Off Grid Solar System With Pylontech Battery

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10kw Off Grid Solar System With Pylontech Battery

Photovoltaic Panels
4   JAM72S-30-540-MR JA Solar 540W Mono PERC Half-Cell MBB
Mounting Kit
8   REN-420081 End Clamp+ 30 - 50mm Silver
4   REN-420082 Middle Clamp+ 30 - 50mm Silver
12   REN-860006 VarioSole Hanger bolt M10 x 200 Wood Substructure
8   REN-900246 VarioSole + End Cap 41X35 rail Single - Grey
4   REN-400524 VarioSole+ Mounting rail 41 x 35 x 3300 mm
1   MC4-2M-2 MC4 Pre terminated cable 2m (Pack of 2)
1   MC4-CONN14-2-PACK MC4 Connector Twin Pack ( Kit 1 ) 0014/0015
1   CABLE-4-25-B 4mm2 single-core DC cable 25m - Black
1   BOHAZARD-SET PV on Roof and Hazard Labels Pack
1   PYLON-US3000C Pylon US3000C 3.5kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets)
1   OG-10 KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter 10kW 48V
1   DCB-NF-2I-600V-I16A-I_II-2O 600V Protection Box 2 Inputs 2 Outputs 16A Isolator Type I_II SPD
2   BATCAB70-1M-PAIR Pair of BATCAB70-1M
1   KETO-1-160A KETO 1 Battery Disconnector with 160A Fuses
1   BATTRACK-GP4 Battery Rack for 4x Giter or 3x UP5000 Batteries
1   BAT-HAZ-PACK Battery Hazard Label Pack

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