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    • Manufactured in Japan since 1930

    • Paloma 20l & 26l models have been custom made for South African conditions & altitude variations within South Africa.

    • Operate on either LP Gas or Natural Gas.

    • Paloma geysers can supply multiple hot water outlets simultaneously

    • Electrically ignited. Can be operated on generator/ inverter/ solar/ computer UPS

    • For outdoor installation.

    • Flueless

    • Paloma units can be installed on existing or new solar systems to boost or back-up solar generated hot water.

    • Flamesafe Protection Systems that automatically shut down the geyser should a fault occur.

    • Optional Remote Control allowing easy setting of water temperatures. Deluxe controllers also offer ‘Bath Fill’ mode & shut-off safety features.

    • EZ-Link allows homes with greater demand for hot water, or areas where ambient temperatures are very low, to link two geysers together to deliver twice the flow.

    • Intelligent hot water delivery using sensor controlled heating to ensure constant water temperature & ensuring only the minimum amount of gas is used at any one time.

    • Sensor controlled water pressure monitor which automatically adjusts water pressure entering the geyser.

    • LED Error Code Display which will display an error code if the geyser should stop operating for any reason. A full list of error codes & solutions can be found in the user manual.

    • ICAD Safety – this is a sensor which monitors combustion products. If excessive levels reached the unit will shut off automatically, ensuring no harmful by-products are emitted.

    • 10 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger unit. 3 year warranty on all piping. 1 year warranty on electronic components.





    • Capacity: 2.5-20l/ min

    • Gas Combustion (min-max): LPG: 0.41-3.1kg/ hrNG: 21-153 Mj/ hr

    • Electrical Consumption (w): 61 @ 230v

    • Ignition & Combustion System: Continuous electronic spark with low NOx emission burner

    • Min Water Pressure: 80 kPa

    • Max Water Pressure: 1000kPa

    • Gas & Water Connections: ¾” or 20mm





    • h 520mm x 350mm x 150mm

    • Weight: 17 kg

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